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Building Services Engineering

We have a team of skilled and proficient engineers who can design safe, comfortable, and efficient buildings. We work closely with our clients and listen to their feedback to optimize and finalize the design within the given time frame and reliability standards. We support our clients' efforts in this process. Building Engineering covers a wide range of services.

Image by Sebastian Pichler
Building Planning

Major Design Considerations


This text describes how to integrate various systems, such as natural and artificial lighting, elevators and escalators, ventilation and refrigeration, security and alarm systems, and fire detection and protection.


 Our Building Services Engineers work to lower the environmental impact and carbon emissions of our projects, optimize energy use and supply, and set up communication networks.


Façade Engineering:

This includes heating and ventilation, water supply, drainage, and plumbing, as well as air conditioning and refrigeration

This involves designing the exterior of the building with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering 

Our services cover a wide range of building systems, such as central utility plants for heating and cooling. We can design systems for any kind of building, perform life cycle cost analysis, investigate and fix system problems, assess facility conditions, conduct energy studies, and provide commissioning support.

This entails creating systems for power distribution (at low and medium voltages), backup power, and continuous power supply.

Structural Engineering:

Our goal is to create original and effective structural designs that meet the clients' needs in terms of serviceability, sustainability, constructability, functionality, and form.

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