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BIM Services & 3D Modelling

We offer a range of Building Information Modelling (BIM) services to help you realize your architectural goals. We use BIM technology to create realistic 3D models of your building projects, improving communication and efficiency. Some of the BIM services that we provide are:

- 3D BIM - We produce high-quality 3D models of your building projects, giving you a clear visual representation that aids in planning and decision-making.
- Point Cloud to BIM - We transform 3D laser scanner data into a precise and detailed 3D model, ensuring accuracy in design and construction.
- Revit BIM Services - We employ Revit to handle information on your construction project throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring smooth coordination and collaboration.
- Revit Family Creation Services - We create specific 3D models of building elements using Revit, enhancing the detail and accuracy of your building model.
- Final Shop Drawings - We prepare final shop drawings used for the fabrication of building elements, ensuring that every detail matches your project specifications.
- Quantity Take off - We use BIM tools for reliable cost estimation, helping you manage your budget effectively.
- CAD Drafting - Our CAD drafting services involve the creation of detailed 3D models using advanced CAD software, ensuring precision in design and execution.


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